Want to Enhance Your Innovation Decision Making Skills?

Effective decision-making is… hard. Add in complex innovation projects with multiple players, stakeholders and risks, and the pressure to make good decisions can become critical — and overwhelming. In fact, no company can reach its full potential without the ability to make hard decisions quickly, consistently and with effective implementation. With a correlation between decision quality and business performance, it’s essential to understand how biased decisions can kill an innovation before it even begins.

The Quantified Self Movement: Transforming How We Study Family Caregiving

6:30 AM: Samantha wakes up to the alarm from her phone’s sleep tracker app. Still half asleep, she picks up her phone and glances at the screen — it looks like she got a good night’s sleep last night. Five full REM cycles, and she only woke up once, at 2:21 AM. As she makes breakfast, she’s careful not to put too much butter on her toast — her daily calorie counter app will adjust by suggesting a smaller allowance of calories for the rest of the day. As she walks out the door, she almost forgets...

What's the Real Definition of a "Market Insight" in the Innovation World?

“There’s an insight for that.” “Don’t miss these essential insights.” “Are you getting the insights your business needs?” But what is the real definition of a Market Insight. If you were alive in the year 2017, it’s likely you heard the word “insight” too many times to count — in fact, it’s become many innovation market researchers’ favorite word. But what exactly does it mean?

Marika: Telling a New Chocolate Story

“There’s a world out there of chocolate; I feel it’s my responsibility to tell people about it.” Marika is serious about chocolate: so much so that her entire career revolves around it. How does one develop a career in chocolate? After studying law and human rights in Utrecht, Marika spent two years working with international NGOs in Cameroon and traveling through the country — it was there that her fascination with cocoa began.

Why Concept Testing is Crucial — And How to Do It Before a New Launch

Think back on your entrepreneurial career. When releasing a particular product or service for purchase, did you ever experience a complete flop? Whether it was a ground-breaking software, a never-before-used marketing tool or a mind-blowing new tech product, you were certain your innovation was going to majorly impact the market. But your confidence wasn’t backed with clear proof, and the product idea wasn’t tested to ensure adequate interest — which can result in a real-life game of risk.

How Japan and Asia are Searching for Solutions for their Rapidly Aging Population

With Japan’s aging population and a changing society, caregiving is a complex issue. But new technological innovations may provide solutions that were once unimaginable. Dr. Michael Birt, PhD in Japanese Studies and Atlas of Caregiving advisory council member, has worked as a consultant for many large, multinational healthcare companies, a thriving sector in Japan. In 1990, Birt and a friend decided to open their own healthcare company focused on Japan’s aging population. He has since traveled

Changing the World, One App at a Time: Mike, Appsterdam

Who knows apps better than the guy who helped develop the Apple Store app itself? Don’t let the playful lemur decor fool you — Mike is very serious about apps. After learning to program in Seattle and training other app developers at Apple in Silicon Valley, the Hawaii native (and lemur enthusiast) decided to leave California to embark on an international journey to strengthen his leadership skills. After a year-long speaking tour and comparative study of European cities, Amsterdam stood out as the obvious winner...

Georgia Quick Start Spring 2016 Newsletter

A translucent blue ribbon printed with DNA's iconic double helix draped from one end of the stage to the other. Behind the ribbon, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal stood flanked by state officials and executives from Baxalta Incorporated, Georgia's most recent, and largest, biomanufacturing project. They were armed with scissors and a shared vision. At the end of a countdown, the ribbon was cut, and the Georgia BioScience Training Center — a state-of-the-art facility unlike any other in the world — was officially open for business.
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